The purpose of this celebration is to call upon all of the various non-profit organizations that address the needs of Africa to affirm various luminaries in the field of social justice on behalf of Africa. Different candidates are encouraged to bring video presentations of their work and the top five of those submitted will be shared in an evening celebration. At the end of this evening, one of the five candidates will be recognized for their distinguished contribution and a second and third prize winner will also be acknowledged. There will be a small financial award ($1000 for first prize, $500 for second prize, and $300 for third prize) the main goal is not to achieve a financial reward but to showcase and highlight and celebrate a worthwhile effort.

It’s Time Africa (ITA) will organize and host the first “African Heroes Award Celebration” in Nigeria, West Africa in 2019. The goal that we have in sponsoring this program is to encourage people to work together to bring about positive and constructive change in their communities.

What have you done as an organization to make a difference in your community? We want you to share what you are doing with others so that all of us can encourage you to continue in your works of community advancement, sustenance, and progress. We all know that if a community suffers and is not supported then all the individuals within that community will also be affected. This is why we all need creative and caring strategies to make our communities better and stronger. One of the best ways to do this is to spotlight examples of people already making a difference and then using that spotlight and example to encourage our young people to become more active and involved in social justice progress.
The ITA African Heroes Award Celebration wants to hear from you about people in your community who is working to advance education, hospitality, humanitarian efforts, job-creation, and the empowerment of women and youth as well as everyone else in society.

We are looking for participants who:

1.      Represent non-profit organizations based only in Africa and working for Africans.

2.       An organization who wants to share with an uploaded video what they are doing to make a difference and what their goals are for the future in Africa.

Send us your videos and share this with your friends and those you know who might be or know true “Heroes of Africa!”

Submit video applications to our website by April 30 and then we will post five finalists on that date. Once these five are posted then please vote for what organization you most admire and then join us in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa in November 2019 to see who is chosen. Those who are finalists will have someone representing their candidacy at our Award Celebration Event so please make sure all representatives have proper visas and passports for travel.