Genealogical Research, Ancestry Tracking:

Advances in genealogical research may provide new methods to
link people together and may even hold the potential to reveal to
Africans of the Diaspora their origins in specific African
localities. When people know more about their ancestry, they may
gain new measures of self-confidence and insight into past
civilizational riches as well as times of suffering.

Award Programs:

It’s Time Africa will launch various award
and recognition programs to help Africans worldwide work
together in community organizing and social uplift. People on the
ground know best what is needed; award programs will support,
and bring helpful recognition to worthy efforts in both social
uplift as well as in cultural and aesthetic expression.

Arts and Cultural-Awareness Events:

Positive celebrations of arts and cultural expressions cannot only showcase the dignity, diversity, and beauty of Mother Africa but can also engine self-understanding and intercultural mutual respect. We are committed to fighting Afro-pessimism by affirming authentic cultural and aesthetic flourishings. Events are organized to help individuals learn more about positive developments across Africa; creating platforms where people can share their visions for Africans. Spaces will be provided for crafts and business people, artisans, musicians, poets, cinematographers, government representatives, fashion-designers, travel agents, and others.


It’s Time Africa is committed to raising funds and working to address some of the challenges facing Africa such as educational inequalities and poor infrastructural problems in some schools, hospitals, and energy grids. We will sponsor programs that empower youth and women and support programs that address lingering historical problems such as tribalism, the lack of equal rights, and other injustices across Africa.